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MASCİTY is a custom aquarium designer and delivers turnkey public aquariums since 1997. Our company is focused on providing to our clients with the best possible service and to ensure that our services are tailored to meet their individual needs. We offer the highest quality and the most affordable solution in regards to the global aquarium industry. Moreover we deliver on time and in schedule our work.

We have created our company for customers who got bored of the general aquarium design. We consider the aquarium as an exceptional architectural element in public areas such as malls and commercial centers or smaller places such as houses and offices. When we build a large aquarium, our experienced team transforms that place into a visual feast and gives to the visitors a unique experience.

We are delivering special aquariums tanks and accesories with custom designs specific to your space. Our aim is to bring the beauty and freshness of the water to you. We make real of aquairiums of your dreams at houses, workplaces (hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shops, pools, shopping malls) as well as public areas or open air parks regarless of whether it is medium or large scale projects. Thanks to track record credentials/reference project at various countries and professionals with in depth experience.

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Large Aquarium Design

MAS is a construction company with experience in project management, making turnkey city aquariums projects and aquariums all over the w. Expertise in project planning, detailed design, evaluation engineering, exhibition space design, living space reproduction

Tunnel Aquarium The curiosity of mankind for the unknown through all history is one of the reasons of his interest to the life underwater and public aquariums.

We have created the MAS brand for very special customers who have no limits in their imagination. Wet Decorative and Aquarium Decoration is our expertise.

Quarantine and keeping the health of the fishes and species which are the true owner of a city aquarium is a work which requires expertise.


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About US

MAS For over 22 years, Turkey and across the Middle East Da successful aquarium design, we have a genuine and deep-rooted leader in production and management.

Our business partner

We provide turn-key services from concepts through to detail design, construction, commission, operation and management of aquariums and multi-use complexes. We are a  based company that has become an international name in the much specialised field of aquarium design, development, construction, operation and maintenance.

We are well known as being amongst the world leaders in developing aquaria, using an acrylic tunnel with moving walkway concept that is now changing the face of conventional aquarium design. Our tunnel cross section geometry gives the underwater tunnel the best viewing characteristics of any acrylic aquarium tunnel. We have the ability and experience to design, construct and operate complete aquarium and multi-use complex projects including:

  • Architectural and engineering design,

  • Design, fabricate and install static displays and specialist exhibits for exhibition hall,

  • Design, Supply, Bend and install all acrylic components,

  • Moving walkway,

  • Design and install saltwater and filtration systems,

  • Design and install underwater theme (rockscaping),

  • Fish catching,

  • Fish care,

  • Final aquarium operation and maintenance.


Our ability is witnessed by the impressive number of world class aquariums already completed by the Group and the number of exciting new aquarium developments currently on the drawing board.

A particular feature, is our ability to provide a commercially competitive price, a complete in-house service for all aspects of the project by using professionals who have worked closely together on many similar prior projects.  The principals and staff of the Company are all professionals in their particular fields of expertise within the Company, and we are proud of our professional approach to all aspects of all new projects.


The management team covers all areas of finance, proposals, feasibility studies for new projects. We have evolved management teams who are operational and who have maintained aquariums in New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Singapore, China, Russia, Thailand, Europe, North America and Malaysia.

These teams are comprised of Marinescape and Aquamarine staff and consultants who train local people to take over the aquarium operation and maintenance.

Design & Construction

Complete building design and construction service.  Initial design is carried out in the Head Office.  Local based consultants are engaged to ensure works are carried out in accordance with local by-laws as well as making the optimum arrangements and use of local contractors, building practices and materials.

Interior Design is a complete turnkey service including design, making and installation of artificial corals, seaweed and rockwork.

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