Public & Custom Aquariums Design


Aquariums or commercial aquariums are entertainment centers for the visitors. In addition they make a great contribution to the education of especially for the child visitors. Moreover they offer knowledge to the people about the sea and the living creatures of the oceans thanks to the interactive areas with rich content.

Lastly either the acrylic aquarium panels or the glass aquarium panels convey an underwater impression to the visitors.


MAS also provides consultancy services in Aquarium Design, Aquarium Purchase, Aquarium Design as well as Aquarium Management and Aquarium Maintenance.


The transparent structure of aquarium that enables us to have a bond with the world under water had a different dimension with acrylic materials more transparent, instead of glass, having strength against high water pressures for its easy formability and became the main factor for the enriching of the spatial structure of all aquariums known in the world.

The aquariums that enable us to get closer to the sharks as close as to touch, including tour tunnels and many ocean species have gained impressive sizes and forms with acrylic material.


For the last 28 years we have delivered turnkey general aquariums and private aquariums. In addition, we have extensive experience in building shopping mall aquariums and commercial aquariums. Therefore, the rest of us stay focused on our customers' expectations and needs to provide solutions.

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Tunnel Aquarium.jpg

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